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Pediatric Dentistry

Diligent pediatric dentistry sets your child up for a lifetime of excellent oral health. Experienced dentist Marry Hong, DDS, provides pediatric dentistry services at Family Tree Dental Care, a boutique niche practice offering care for the entire family in Farmers Branch, Texas. To schedule your child’s next dentistry visit, call Family Tree Dental Care or book online today.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is oral health care and hygiene for anyone under 18. Your child’s first dental visit should happen around the time they get their first baby tooth, so you should keep an eye on your baby’s gums over their first year. 

Kids of any age are prone to oral health issues like cavities and gingivitis, so teaching them to care for their teeth is a priority. That is why it’s essential to start bringing them to the dentist early, so they become comfortable and knowledgeable about maintaining healthy teeth and gums. 

As a family and pediatric dentist, Dr. Hong is great with all age groups. She makes your child feel welcome at the office and can help them settle their fears about experiences in the dental chair. She also answers your questions as the parent and teaches you to monitor your child’s oral health. 

Which services are included in pediatric dentistry?

At Family Tree Dental Care, Dr. Hong uses the latest technologies in dentistry and advanced strategies to give your child top-of-the-line dental diagnostics and care. She is highly familiar with the oral health needs of every age group, from babies to teenagers, and recognizes the signs of health issues as early as possible. Your child needs:

  • Six-month exams
  • Professional cleanings
  • Diagnostic digital X-rays
  • Fluoride treatments and varnishes
  • Sealants to prevent cavities
  • Fillings to treat cavities
  • Care for dental injuries and accidents

In addition to providing treatments and diagnostic services in the office that your child needs, Dr. Hong may ask about your child’s habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. She can counsel you and your child on how to curb these habits early before they start to cause oral health problems. 

How can my child get the most out of pediatric dentistry?

Excellent oral health care for kids isn’t isolated to the dentist’s chair. At Family Tree Dental Care, Dr. Hong encourages you to implement healthy oral hygiene practices at home. Making sure daily brushing and flossing happens lays the foundation for long-term oral health for your child. They should:

  • Start using fluoride toothpaste at age 2
  • Limit sugary snacks and drinks
  • Eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods
  • Stop bottle feeding early
  • Drink water containing fluoride

If your child is still small enough that they don’t have teeth yet, you should wipe their gums after feeding and before bed to eliminate bacteria. Dr. Hong can give you additional age-appropriate brushing and flossing tips for your child during your visits to Family Tree Dental Care. 

If it’s time for your child’s next cleaning or exam, don’t hesitate to book over the phone or online at Family Tree Dental Care today.

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